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WoW player's guide to GW: Movement and Combat

Shawn Schuster

Guild Wars incorporates a more eastern style of movement and combat where you can not only click the ground to move from point A to point B, but there is also no jumping. If you're going from WoW to GW, this is a huge problem. The inability to jump in any game is not only restrictive, but frustrating. As for combat, in Guild Wars you only have eight skills which you can use in any instanced area, including PvP. You can't change these skills until you return to town. Seasoned WoW players might be picking their jaws up off the ground at the mere thought of only using eight skills at a time in one skill bar, but it was created to force players to use strategy instead of pure firepower. This is the strong point of GW PvP, which we will touch on more later.

Another major difference in GW combat is the ability to click on a distant enemy and have your character run over to that enemy to engage fighting. This one-step process makes it extremely easy for novice gamers to be effective in combat, even without the use of strategy in their skill set-up. Many advanced players joke about the fact that GW combat basically consists of "C-space", which is pressing the C key to target nearest enemy, then pressing the Space Bar to attack, rinse, repeat. As any WoW player knows though, this can happen just as easily in WoW.

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