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Apple patent application hints at iTunes broadcasting service

Darren Murph

Before you get all excited, we must remember that more often than not, Apple patent applications never amount to anything. That being said, this one is certainly within the realm of feasibility. A recent app dug up over at MacNN details an iTunes TV broadcast service that would theoretically beam out content to your iPod or iPhone via an adapter. The somewhat vague verbiage also mentions a "tagging" system of sorts, possibly one that could fetch content based on what you enjoy. In all honesty, we can't say we'd be champing at the bit to have some gaudy dongle hanging from our dock connector just to catch up on TV -- after all, there are far superior TV-friendly products out there than those from Cupertino -- but we can't deny that it would probably be a hit. Stay tuned, this one could get interesting.

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