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FujiFilm's 10 megapixel S2000HD with 15x wide angle zoom quietly introduced


FujiFilm Canada seems to have jumped the gun and outed a whole suite of cameras this morning. Starting with the headliner, we've got this 10 megapixel FinePix S2000HD with 15x wide angle zoom and 2.7-inch LCD. Listing for a thrifty CA$300, the S2000HD features a 1/2.3-inch CCD capable of capturing 3 megapixel images at 13.5fps and up to 6400 ISO at 5 megapixels with the help of FujiFilm's dual image stabilization. And "HD" in the name can mean only one thing: this cam also shoots HD video (720p Motion JPEG) in a pinch. No delivery date but we expect that to get sorted just as soon as this becomes officially official.

[Via 1001noisycameras and dpReview]

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