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Push notification services now in hands of select few iPhone devs

Chris Ziegler

You have to be one of the cool kids to get it, but Apple has apparently pushed out another beta of iPhone firmware 2.1 (along with the SDK) to a few devs that for the first time contains a "rough" implementation of Cupertino's arguably overengineered solution for dancing around the contentious background app issue. The Push Notification Service routes real-time notifications through an Apple server, which in turn tosses those notifications onto iPhones around the globe -- a service Apple intends to make available to a general audience in September. There's apparently no actual hardware running on Apple's end yet, though, so the chosen few included in the early seed will just have to close their eyes and make believe as they enjoy the fruits of a new ROM a few days before their equally qualified, equally worthy counterparts.

[Via Gearfuse]

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