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Halo Chronicles alpha evidence is fake [update]


Update: Looks like there is no Halo Chronicles alpha after all, as HBO has learned from Bungie's Luke Smith that the evidence is "100% fake."

According to, a Bungie employee has been spotted on Xbox Live* playing a game called Robins Perch. What's interesting is the descriptive text that follows: "Chronicles Alpha - Exploring Onyx." Chronicles, eh? Could that be Halo Chronicles, the upcoming collaboration between Peter Jackson and Bungie? We thinks it can. Why the codename Robins Perch though? Considering the Halo 3 alpha was codenamed Pimps at Sea -- the name of Bungie's long awaited piratical pimp simulator -- Robins Perch could be a play on Crow's Nest (the nautical term, not the Halo 3 level). Cute.

The part about exploring Onyx is particularly intriguing, as it implies there could be more than one planet to traverse. Could Halo Chronicles be the Halo MMO that has been rumored for ages? Whatever it is, hopefully the appearance of the alpha means we'll finally hear some solid news about Halo Chronicles soon (at a special event perhaps).

*Note: We can confirm that the gamertag spotted does indeed belong to a Bungie employee. We won't be giving it out for the sake of privacy.

[Thanks, Richard D]

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