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Skyfire for Symbian beta keys: get 'em while they're hot


Skyfire's Symbian S60 browser beta kicks off today and to celebrate the event we're bringing you 100 codes to get in on the fun. On the off chance you missed the news posted earlier this week, this browser supports AJAX, Quicktime, Windows Media, and Flash -- to name a few -- all rendered and delivered to your set by a Skyfire server. So what's the rub you ask to get at these beta codes? Nothing, just plop your email addy in the comments and we'll get them out to the first 100 folks to reply. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Update: Info has been sent, if you didn't get one, better luck next go-round.
Update: Some folks are reporting the beta code isn't being accepted. We'll look into this and try and find out what's going on

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