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SoundSense unveils sophisticated Noise Cancellation System for audio purists

Darren Murph

For home theater owners that love audio as much as (if not more than) video, unwanted noise is a real downer. Thankfully, the sound engineers at SoundSense completely agree, and now the company known for its acoustic dampening solutions is delivering a Noise Cancellation System that reportedly eliminates all that excess noise when you fire up your speakers and amplifiers. Put simply, the process simply utilizes a small microphone and speaker; the "noise-canceling speaker emits sound with opposite qualities of the noise source, thus eliminating distracting sounds." We've no idea how costly said solution will be, nor if it will be easy for novices to use, but don't hesitate to give SoundSense a call and see what it'll take to zap the interference lingering in your HT.

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