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VC Friday: Yee-haw!


Light gun game Wild West Guns rides into town the European Wii Shop today for its worldwide debut, complete with Zapper compatibility, six levels, four-player support, and a whole host of mildly offensive steretypes. Truth be told, it looks quite fun in the post-break trailer -- certainly a lot more engaging than, say, Target Terror. Far more importantly, it gave us an excuse to post a Will Smith video. Wicky, wicky!

Defend Your Castle has also finally arrived, and is totally worth a look.
  • Wild West Guns -- WiiWare -- 1000 Wii Points
  • Defend Your Castle -- WiiWare -- 500 Wii Points
Swing past the break for videos of each.


Wild West Guns (WiiWare)

Defend Your Castle (WiiWare)

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