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Zombie Apocalypse coming to City of Heroes

Adrian Bott

Yesterday, the City of Heroes test server was host to a terrible event. In one city zone after another, both in Paragon and the Rogue Isles, the dead rose to devour the living. The skies turned blood red, and hordes of the undead clawed their way up from the ground in an apocalypse not seen since the days of the Rikti invasions. Like the Rikti, these horrors attacked anyone in an exposed space, and had no level tag, meaning any character could engage them.

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming to CoX in Halloween, where it will form part of the special event celebrations, along with the trick-or-treating that has taken place in previous years.Yesterday's trial run was a huge success, with players all over the city converging to hold back the undead. Even the signature hero Positron, along with NCsoft personnel Lighthouse and Niviene, pitched in to battle the hordes.

We were particularly impressed with the entirely new zombie faction, featuring a host of minions, lieutenants, bosses, and the Nightmare elite boss (pictured above) and a lot of fresh artwork. It would have been easy to just recycle the Banished Pantheon, but instead, we have what looks like a custom built faction just for the event. Designer JLove has even hinted that some of the zombies are based on real people, so have fun guessing who they are!

The Apocalypse introduces four new badges, which can be earned fairly quickly in a group. The Apocalypse Survivor badge unlocks a spooky new costume part, the Pumpkin Head. Tester feedback for this event has been overwhelmingly positive so far.

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