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Ask a Beta Tester: Seals, judgements, and more


It's 11AM, do you know where your beta testers are? If you're reading WoW Insider (and you certainly seem to be), then they're right here answering your questions. We've picked a few unanswered questions from recent installments of Ask a Beta Tester to answer this morning, and, as always, invite you to drop in any new questions that might be plaguing your poor brain. I'm going to start off with a question I've been waiting for -- because it allows me to properly express the full extent of my glee over the changes to the Paladin's seal and judgment system, which are, if I may be so bold, magnificent. Offhand writes in to say, "I'm getting confused as to how paladin seals work now. It seems like they keep updating and changing that system."

The old system of seals and judgements is dead -- long live the new system. At present, a paladin's available seals have been reduced to light, wisdom, righteousness, blood/vengeance (Horde/Alliance), and corruption/martyr (Horde and Alliance's new versions of blood/vengeance, to put them on even footing, insofar as seals are concerned)...You'll notice former staple crusader is missing -- it buffed holy damage on application and your all-around damage has been buffed so you won't notice a change. Madness! Now, when you cast a judgement, it does not use up your seal -- all seals last for two minutes. Also, while you have seal of light, wisdom, and justice, their use is much more limited, because you now have three different types of judgements: light, wisdom, and justice. Regardless of which seal you use, using judgement of light, wisdom, or justice will apply the debuff formerly associated with the seal of the same name while doing the immediate effect of the seal you currently have up. It may sound convoluted, but in practice, it really cuts down on the seal/judge/seal/judge keyboard action and streamlines paladin combat.

: Clarified the new corruption and martyr seals which, as many commenters have pointed out, are versions of blood/vengeance for the opposite faction. Also, I'm a total idiot and forgot to mention righteousness. It's not gone, I promise!

More questions after the break..!

Tap asked, "Will there be a new slot for the Death Knight or will I have to delete my banker? Please don't make me delete my banker! I need the bag space! Its hard to support a main and 8 alts (with WotLK 9 alts)."

Sorry, Tap, but at present, we have no additional character slots. Like with Draenai and Blood Elves in The Burning Crusade, people will have to make tough choices about which characters to keep -- and which to toss. (However, a nagging voice in my head asks, "Don't we have 10 character slots per realm?")

Chucker asked, "I'd read elsewhere that there will not be ports to the old-world capital cities in Dalaran. We'll probably still end up leaving our hearths set for Shat and use the 8,000g ring so that we have an easy return to Northrend, but still the flexibility to reach any capital city without having a mage around."

There are definitely portals from Dalaran to all of the capitol cities in Azeroth plus Shattrath -- no need to fear!

BiggusGeekus asked, "What old world reputations are changing (if any)? Is it worth it to reputation grind now in anticipation of achievements, or are we better off just waiting it out?"

There's nothing new for old reputations in Wrath -- save the fact that there are achievements for hitting exalted in old world factions. So if you're the crazy sort of person who simply must have every achievement, let the grind begin!

Mike asked, "I've heard a lot of talk about whether crushing blows exist or not in Wrath. I think the rumor started spreading after someone suggested that they could not possibly exist after protection warrior changes. Can you provide some input on this topic?"

Via a blue post, we can confirm that crushing blows in Wrath are no more. The devs think they have other ways of making fights difficult now... hmm...

Have more questions? We have more answers! Leave any questions in the comments below to be answered tomorrow!

The Wrath of the Lich King beta is in full swing, and the WoW Insider crew is here to sate your curiosity with Ask a Beta Tester! Can't get enough Wrath? Don't forget to check WoW Insider's Wrath Roundup page for anything we haven't answered here!

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