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Kicking off the NFL pre-season in HD -- of course

Ben Drawbaugh

Oh yeah, it's that time of year again as this Sunday will kick off the NFL pre-season with the Hall Of Fame game in HD. Every season since we hopped on the HD bandwagon, we've seen more and more games get the HD treatment and the NFL pre-season isn't any different. Unlike regular season NFL games that are produced by CBS, NBC, ESPN and the NFL Network; pre-season games are usually produced by a local station which can sometimes mean, no HD for you. Some are stepping up to the plate to deliver all the HD goodness for the first time this year, and proud of it, but others, not so much. As always, you can check out HD Sports Guide to find out which games will be in HD in your area -- even though they still don't believe CBS is producing all of their NFL games in HD this year -- but it will also be worth your time to check out the NFL Network from time to time which replays just about every pre-season game in the league -- but not all in HD.

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