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Latest AoC Testlive patch addresses classes, massive PvP, and more

Adrian Bott

It's time for another round of changes over in Age of Conan, and the Funcom developers have served us up with a hefty bunch, scheduled currently to go live on August 6th. The patch can currently be accessed on the Testlive server. The revised PvP system is also still on Testlive only, along with a level-bumping NPC, so there are plenty of reasons to go and do some intensive testing if you haven't already.

Of the classes, Conquerors come in for the most changes, and feedback so far is hesitantly positive. Full notes can be accessed on the Testlive forums; you'll need an AoC forum login.

Our collective eyebrows raised at one patch note in particular: 'Due to popular demand, we've forced some of our female Derketo followers to burn their bras.' Yes, this is a reference to that ridiculous censorship debate, only now Funcom are on the offensive. During the lengthy debates in which some players claimed Funcom was censoring the game, the (alleged) inappropriateness of priestesses of Derketo wearing clothes was often brought up as an issue. By the look of it, this won't be an issue any more. Oh, and men get sexy dances, too! What more could we possibly ask for?

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