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Planet of the Apes: 40-Year Evolution Blu-ray set oozes bonus material

Darren Murph

We all know "that guy / gal" who secretly (or publicly) loves a movie more if there is oodles upon oodles of bonus content on the home release, don't we? If someone just popped into your head, forward this one on as quickly as possible. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has just unveiled details of its forthcoming $159.98 Planet of the Apes: 40-Year Evolution Blu-ray box set, and it seriously sets a new standard for bonus material. The November 4-bound five-disc package is expectedly gigantic, as it houses each Apes film on a BD-50 -- which will be presented in 2.35:1 alongside a remastered 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track -- and the unrated version of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. Best of all, every single supplement is also presented in high-definition, and there are far too many to list in this space. Just hit the read link to see what we mean -- get ready to give that scroll wheel a workout.

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