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Forum post of the day: Heals and heels

Amanda Dean

Decent healing is often a key factor in determining victory and defeat in a battle ground. Resto and Holy specced characters have quite the job set out for them. Druids, Paladins, Priests, and Shamans regularly face a healing quandary. Is it better to spend time and man healing another player or continuing to do as much damage as possible. Zanhart of Medivh believes that any character than can heal in the battlegrounds, should heal. He finds it particularly insulting when a player heals him or herself while comrades die around them.

Some agreed with him that anyone who can heal should, but most people dissented. There were several themes to the responses:

  • Paying a subscription fee allows any player the right to play however they like.
  • DPSers in substandard gear are a waste of heals and mana.
  • Non-healing specs often have such poor healing abilities that the battleground is better off with them continuing to dps.
  • Some people just don't find healing to be fun.

The original poster defended his points by arguing about selfishness and the need for team work. It is very true that battlegrounds go smoother when everyone works together. It seems most prefer more glamorous DPS and capturing roles to mundane things like healing and defense. As a Mage who's interested in teamwork, I'll assume he drops a table without discussion every battleground. Oh wait, only level 36.

I have a hard time not healing. I've played Holy Priest and Resto Shaman, usually topping the healing charts. On my Retadin, I simply can't heal most of the time. Sure I'll heal folks up at the end of a fight, drop a bubble when I can spare a cooldown or use my Lay on Hands in a clutch situations. I hate seeing my teammates health drop and being powerless to do much about it. But my heals as Retribution specced are just dreadful. So why don't I just switch her to Holy? Because I want to experience something that is not healing for a while.

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