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Addon Spotlight: Mr. Plow

Sean Forsgren

Welcome, my friends, to this week's late Addon Spotlight, where we'll be looking at a little tool to help manage your inventory. First of all, I would highly recommend reading through Matthew Porter's Big bag blowout series over at The Creamy GUI Center, it's not only a fantastic look at many inventory options, but builds a solid foundation for your inventory addon needs. Given all that good information, I thought I'd pipe in with a look at Mr. Plow, an inventory stacker I use in conjunction with Bagnon.

I never could get used to inventory addons that auto-sorted my bags into categories; I just wanted something to consolidate all of my bags into one window. That said, I am also somewhat obsessive about an orderly inventory, and had no problem taking time to organize my inventory so that items I got from grinding or quests were found at the top of the window, where I could easily sell and use them at my discretion.

Then came along Mr. Plow, the handy bag stacker that will organize and compress your bags for that neat and orderly look that former Army sergeants require of their inventory.

I really need to extend credit to the reader that tipped me off to this addon. So, Skylark, if are still reading the column, thanks a million for the head's up, this addon is now a regular part of my UI.

Once you've got Mr. Plow installed, you'll be able to access the commands using the following slash command:

  • /mp
Pretty simple; that will print the list of available commands in the chat window. For those of you using FuBar, you'll have a plugin to interface with that allows for the standard menu navigation via your mouse. (I recommend the FuBar method, its just easier to deal with.)

Mr. Plow
will do perform three major services to your bags and bank. First of all is the "Stack" function, which will create item stacks for you, compressing your inventory to reclaim some space. Second is the "Plow" function, which will shove your inventory into the corner so you've got some room to work with in your bags. (The author calls this defragmenting your inventory.) Finally, Mr. Plow will sort your inventory, grouping items into categories.

There is also an option called "The Works" which will run all three functions on your inventory, which has become the standard for me. My bank and bags are wired so tight that I have every confidence that I could pass the toughest inspection. There a few other options that you can play with, none of which change the fundamental functionality so I won't go crazy about them.

So, some of you may not see the logic in using two mods to do what many single addons do already. Call me weird, but I've not been able to kick my addiction to Bagnon, with its simplicity, and Mr Plow's focused purpose. So, given the overload of inventory addon love from The Creamy GUI Center and Addon Spotlight, what are you using to manage your booty? Dismissed.

Are you an addon-addict? Is your User Interface a living work of art? Welcome home, my friends! Every week, Addon Spotlight profiles a different addon, brings you mod-related news and dishes out free addon advice. See out what's been said and done in the addon community by checking out past features or our addon and UI directory.

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