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Daily Mail claims iPhone nano ready for Christmas, the rest of us laugh

Robert Palmer

The Daily Mail (of London) is citing "an industry source" that says Apple will release a £150 (≈$295) "iPhone nano" for O2 pay-as-you-go customers.

The 8GB iPhone 3G is currently on offer for £99 (≈$195), but requires a £30 (≈$59) per month service charge for 18 months.

In the article, the Daily Mail cites an "expert" who says the iPhone nano will include a touch wheel on the back of the handset so numbers can be "dialed" from behind. As much as I love my rotary-dial telephone, not just no, but heck no.

In fact, the seven-sentence, poorly-cited Mail story is little more than linkbait, which is why we're not linking directly to it. The newspaper, from what I understand, is something of a rag in the UK. TechCrunch UK noted that the Mail is going after pageviews, and the crowd that follows Apple rumors would be good for some hits. Shrewd, but crude.

Harry McCracken notes that he anticiaptes an iPhone nano at some point in the future, but this ain't it. All I want for Christmas is an iPhone that works on the Verizon network. I'll have a long wait, I reckon.

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