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Design your very own Shibito for the next chapter of Siren

Alan Tsang

If you are enjoying SIREN: Blood Curse, maybe the artist in you is thinking of designing your own Shibito. Fortunately, you'll get a chance to do so with the Siren "Shibito" Design Competition Sony is having to celebrate the launch of the game. You can submit a depiction of your Shibito in JPG format plus a profile less than 500 words. Unfortunately, the contest is in Hong Kong and Singapore only.

What really caught our attention is the following: a producer of SIREN: New Translation (the title's name in Asia) will hand-select the winners, and the "masterpiece design may have the chance to become one of the major Shibito characters in the next title of SIREN!" Does this mean more SIREN is on the way soon?

The winners also get a producer signed copy of the game plus a cash prize ranging from about $13-$64 USD, so this contest certainly won't make you rich beyond your dreams. The deadline for submission is August 24th. Check out the contest here.

[Via Siliconera]

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