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DS Fanboy releases for the week of August 4th


Another week, another bunch of sequels and franchise continuations ... at least, among this week's Japanese releases. The rest of the world is looking at pretty average fare, with a few exceptions. Those Japanese releases are just giving us more and more reasons to import!

  • The Cheetah Girls: Passport to Stardom
  • GRID
  • Little League World Series 2008
  • Quick Yoga Training
  • Rock Blast


  • Imagine: Girl Band
  • The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
  • Race Driver: GRID
  • Shining Star Super Starcade
  • Chou Shittou Caduceus 2
  • Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 - Banjou no Geass Gekijou
  • DS Pico Series: Sanrio no Party e Ikou! Oryouri - Oshare - Okaimono
  • Fire Emblem: Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Ken
  • Gakkou no Kowai Uwasa: Hanako-San Gakita!!
  • Marl Oukoku no Ningyou Hime: Tenshi ga Kanaderu Ai no Uta
  • Mite wa Ikenai
  • Monster Farm DS 2: Yomigaeru! Master Breeder Densetsu
  • Nazo Nazo & Quiz Ichi Kotae Jikkon Q Mate!
  • Ron-Q! Highland in DS
  • Sangokushi Taisen Ten
  • Summon Night 2
  • Wantame Variety Channel
No confirmed releases

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