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Goldmund U-32 processor handles infinite channels, topologists rejoice

Steven Kim

We just love the excess of ultra high-end products, but the latest release of Goldmund's U-32 processor takes the cake. Whether your home theater exists in some kind of Escher-like alternate dimension or just needs to immerse its 50 occupants in sound, this piece of kit has got you covered -- because you'll need, like, infinite channels to do the job right. And that's exactly what the company is claiming for the U-32 -- infinite channel support, thanks to its (distinctly finite) onboard DSPs. No need to worry about the cost of the unit, either -- just consider the value on a dollar per channel metric, and you know nothing will ever top it. So what are you waiting for, value-shopper -- the spec bump that goes to infinity plus one?

[Via AudioJunkies, image courtesy Gravestmor]

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