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How visible Achievements and Talents affect anonymity

Mike Schramm

Reader Alex was kind enough to send along this forum post he wrote, and he hits on some interesting questions about achievements and how they might affect bullying and posturing on the forums. Right now, people can spout off pretty much any opinion they want without repercussions, but when achievements are added into the Armory, people won't be so anonymous -- we'll all be able to know, within a few clicks, what bosses you've downed and what you've really done in BGs and Arenas. Sure, people will still spout off whatever they feel like saying, but as Alex says, there'll be a little less anonymity.

I'm not sure how much of a change it will really bring -- when it was first announced that talents would immediately be viewable by other players, a few worried that it would cause more problems (people would be discriminated against because of their talent choices), but I haven't seen that happen in game -- just like always, if someone says they're a Feral Druid, you just assume they can tank as a bear, without checking out their talents closely.

And my guess is that it'll be the same with achievements -- people will still say whatever they want, and while there may be the occasional player called out for not getting the Onyxia achievement after he's claimed to have "been a raider from the beginning," there's always the old argument of "this is my alt!" At least, that is, until Blizzard shows us a way to see whose alt is whose...

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