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Retail and download releases for the week of August 4th


Wait, what's this? Where is your precious VC Monday Madness? Relax, it's still here, we've just consolidated things a bit. Now, all of the releases each week for the Wii, whether they be retail disc titles or downloads, are going to be located in one handy post. This frees us up to do an extra news post or what have you during the day, hopefully bringing you even more of the content you crave. So, head past the break for the details and be sure to come back later for our VC Monday Madness video wrap-up. Happy Monday!


This week's WiiWare release is:

This week's Virtual Console releases are:
This week's retail releases are:
We'd like to know what happened to Ys and Samurai Shodown II, what with us getting press releases for the games and all. Next week, perhaps?

Source - WiiWare and Virtual Console downloads
Source - Retail game releases

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