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VC Monday Madness: SPLATTERHOUSE 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog


Oh, how good it feels to be back. After a brief hiatus (and slight tweak), VC Monday Madness is back and ready for action. Waste no time and get into the video above, then head past the break for even more.

Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega Master System, 1 player, 500 Wii Points)
Wii Fanboy says: do not download

Why would you want to play this version when the superior version is already on the Virtual Console? Seriously, the Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog is so much better than this. Don't waste your time with this download, unless you're a big fan of the game or something, in which case I wonder if you've ever played this on the Sega Genesis.

SPLATTERHOUSE 2 (Sega Genesis, 1 player, 800 Wii Points)
Wii Fanboy says: download it!

The game can be cheap at times and it's certainly a bit of "rinse and repeate," but boy do I love smashing things until they're pulpy liquid on the ceiling or floor. This is a pretty violent game, so keep it away from the kiddies.

Each week, we here at Wii Fanboy like to check out the latest Virtual Console releases in our VC Monday Madness feature, for you, in the hopes that you can make the most sound decision you can regarding purchasing retro titles on the Wii. If you're looking for more, check out Virtually Overlooked, which talks about games that should be on the Virtual Console.

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