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Wrath's Fetch Ball lets you play with your pets

Mike Schramm

This is hardly going to be one of the most amazing items in Wrath to those who clamor for epics and full dungeon sets, but for those of us who like the flavor that those cute little noncombat pets add, the Fetch Ball is a dream come true. The first thing you can see in this beta video is the pet and mount interface (which not only will let you choose pets or mounts, but also see a preview of each before you summon them), and the second thing you can see is, well, let's just say that Blizzard finally gave the noncombat pets something to do. And it's easy to get -- you can pick it up, along with a few other pet-related objects, from the NPC vendor named after the founder of the Warcraft Pets site.

Incredibly cute, and we're so glad to finally see some life from the little guys who've been following us around all this time. And who knows what else this will open the door to -- today, the noncombat pets can fetch, tomorrow they can pick up our loot, play dead or even go to a minigame battle? Maybe the whole "noncombat" term isn't quite their style anymore.

[via WoW Ladies LJ]

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