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Guys, Rock Band 2 might not be totally gimped


Remember how Rock Band on the Wii landed in stores stripped of the downloadable content and online play seen in other versions? And do you also remember how Harmonix pinned the blame for this on the Wii itself? Well believe it or not, it looks like Harmonix may have found a way to include both in Rock Band 2. Why, it's a goshdarn miracle! Or, y'know, it's Harmonix being completely shown up by Guitar Hero: World Tour and being forced to match Vicarious Visions' efforts.

Wired's Chris Kohler writes how Harmonix representatives at E3 promised him that the Wii edition of Rock Band 2 would be a "much more competitive product" compared to its lame predecessor and "fully featured." Kohler reports that he "understood that this extended to things like downloadable content and online play."

Alright, so it's not exactly a cast-iron confirmation of DLC and online play, but at least Harmonix seems to be putting some effort in this time.

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