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Joseph D'Appolito now all Snell, all the time

Steven Kim

There aren't many celebrities in the world of HD hardware -- even dropping names like Joe Kane or Mark Levinson at your next dinner party is likely to produce blank stares. But if your speakers have a tweeter flanked by two midrange drivers, chances are that you're the beneficiary of the "D'Appolito Array." Joseph D'Appolito came up with this arrangement (along with a 3rd-order crossover) to even out the horizontal dispersion; important in getting the sound to stay the same across the wide swath in front of your display. A long-time consultant to several companies, Dr. D'Appolito has moved exclusively to Snell as its chief engineer. We wish Dr. D'Appolito great success at Snell, and hope that he continues to share his insights with the audio community at-large.

[Image courtesy Stereophile]

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