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Motorola: touchscreens on the radar. Everyone: we know.

Chris Ziegler

Bad news, Greg Brown of Motorola fame: when you told Crain's Chicago Business last week that the portfolio of 34 phones you intend to announce before the year's out includes devices capable of "touch and messaging," it turns out the reporter with whom you spoke already knew. In fact, Crain's specifically calls out a Touch competitor codenamed "Halo," and existence of the full-touchscreen Blaze for Verizon is no secret; while we're not exactly sure what you mean by "messaging," a healthy portion of your handsets already support SMS and MMS (as well they should), and you've got the QWERTY thing taken care of with devices like the Q9 series and the Sidekick Slide. You also mentioned that we can reasonably expect to see such electronic wizardry on shelves by Christmas, which is totally bangin' considering the financial pickle your firm is trying to work its way through at the moment. Seriously though, Greg, we didn't mean to harsh your buzz here -- just thought you might want to know your cover's blown, so you can move right past the "ooh, mysterious unreleased phone!" phase.

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