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Qore's Veronica Belmont makes Playboy's list of hottest bloggers


Imagine how many more hits we would've gotten if we chose our alternate headline, "Qore's Veronica Belmont featured in Playboy." But, that would've been misleading. The host of PlayStation's monthly video magazine won't be posing nude in an upcoming issue. Rather, she's been (rightfully) recognized as one of the web's hottest bloggers. On that list includes Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin, Rocketboom's Amanda Congdon, and TV Squad's former Brigitte Dale. It's a hard act to balance being beautiful and being a nerd ... yet Belmont has succeeded. Congrats to her rather unusual (but nonetheless flattering) accolade.

(Don't forget to check her out in "our very own episode of Qore.")

[Thanks, Peter!]

Editor's Note: We are linking to the official Playboy website. The content of the article is safe for work, but viewer discretion is still advised.

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