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Spanish scientists develop "electronic tongue" that can taste wine for quality, drifter appeal

Nilay Patel

Look, we know the appeal of the occasional Franzia stand or one-armed Rossi pull, but at some point you've got to put the 20/20 down and stop drinking like a hobo -- and it sounds like a new device being developed in Spain might help you learn to appreciate some classy wine for once. The "electronic tongue," as it's called, features six sensors that can measure factors like acidity, sugar, and alcohol levels, and use them to determine the age and variety of the wine, just like NEC's adorable little drink-bot. The tongue is supposed to be used to help wine industry officials assess wine quality in the field and detect frauds, but we've got a feeling it's going to be a hit around snooty wine bars worldwide.

[Thanks, Yossi]

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