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ThinkPad X200 $70 cheaper with 128GB SSD option, order now!


It's almost certainly a mistake but if you head on over to the Lenovo store and plunk down an order for the 12.1-inch ThinkPad X200 ultra-portable with 128GB SSD, you'll pay $70 less than the standard 80GB hard drive configuration. This isn't just a misprint, we ran the config through Lenovo's site and sure enough, the entry level X200 price drops from $1,434 to $1,364 after selecting the biggie SSD. Hell, you'd likely pay that much for the SSD alone as the 64GB SSD lists for an $830 premium. Reader Sunil already has his order in so you'd better hurry up and do the same -- it won't be long before Lenovo wises up to the situation.

Update: Well, it was fun while it lasted, the 128GB SSD option is now gone, completely gone at any price. Do let us know if Lenovo honors those orders.

[Thanks, Tobias W. and Sunil]

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