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A better App Store

Giles Turnbull

How could the App Store be made better?

  • Some means of trying software before you buy it It's frustrating, to say the least, that the only way to find out what an app is like is to buy it, unlike the 'try before you buy' scenario that's common with Mac apps. Sure, you can read the reviews, but they can't give you a complete reflection of the app's features, nor do they always offer fair comparisons between similar and competing apps. Example: you've bought FileMagnet, then Files comes out. Is one app better than the other? Might one suit your work habits better than the other? Is one a better value, or more stable, or have better features? The only way you can find out is by buying both. (Yes, the Ad Hoc distribution system exists for, well, ad hoc distribution, but it isn't the answer for consumer-level trying-before-buying.)
  • Ensuring reviews are fair A lot of TUAW readers have contacted us about the unfairness of App Store reviews from people that haven't actually downloaded and tried the apps concerned. Some people add reviews based on the price (or screenshot) alone. Should that be allowed?
  • Add a shopping cart At the moment, when you tap BUY, the next option is INSTALL. How about replacing INSTALL with an alert that says the app has been added to your cart, queue, or list? Then you could continue browsing, and return to the list later to confirm your purchases -- and remove anything that got in there by mistake.

How would you improve the App Store?

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