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Egnyte 1.5, cross-platform file collaboration


Egnyte, another entry in the list of "cloud storage" applications, has updated to version 1.5 with some valuable new features. Geared toward organizations and businesses needing centralized document storage, it provides a cross-platform solution for uploading, storing, sharing and collaborating on files. The latest version of Egnyte features:

  • Shared and private folders
  • File versioning
  • A tagging system for non-hierarchical file organization
  • Readily-available previews of compatible image formats
  • Folder export with zip archiving/compression
  • WebDAV support and an accompanying Mac desktop application
  • Continuous backup of local files
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Per-folder access control

Egnyte 1.5 has become a viable FTP replacement for medium to large organizations with multiple, project-specific FTP repositories. A new drag and drop interface allows any user to upload multiple files of any size, and provides in-memory compression for faster transfers. A "Hot Sharing" feature quickly generates public URLs for hosted files, allowing easy collaboration with users outside of your Egnyte account without requiring a login.

Pricing begins at $15/month per "Power User" (administrative users) and includes unlimited access for "Standard Users" (everybody else). Standard Users don't get the desktop access (WebDAV) or its related ability to automatically back up local files to the Egnyte server; add $15/mo for each user who will require those capabilities. Special pricing is available for non-profits and academic institutions. See the Egnyte homepage for more information.

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