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iRobot Negotiator is a tactical bot for those mean suburban streets


There's a new iRobot in the wings, ready for that all-important cat-in-a-tree incident your neighborhood has been gearing up for over the past decade. Well, kind of. The new iRobot Negotiator is designed for "public safety organizations" who don't need or can't afford the $100k PackBot 510. The Negotiator is built to provide basic reconnaissance to police and fire departments and public safety professionals, with an optional "civil response kit" to enhance its spybot prowess and chemical detection capabilities. The Negotiator should start shipping in Q4 2008 for around $15,000, with accessories bumping that price up to $20k and giving it flippers to climb stairs.

Update: We just noticed that the iRobot Negotiator bears some, erm, striking similarities to the Robot FX Negotiator. If you'll remember, not only did iRobot win its lawsuit against Robot FX, it also bought up all of Robot FX's assets. Sounds like this is iRobot's shot at recouping some of those hefty court fees, but couldn't they have at least changed the name?

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