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John Madden impersonator in Blitz: The League II

Kevin Kelly

Although it's probably wrong to call Frank Caliendo a "John Madden impersonator," because he does a billion great impressions ranging from President Bush to William Shatner, he's definitely best known for his spot-on send up of the white-haired football legend. Both Caliendo and Jay Mohr are joining the voice cast of Midway's upcoming footballer, Blitz: The League II.

Caliendo will play three different characters, the prison warden, the offensive line coordinator and the color commentator, and Mohr will be playing The Agent, which will probably be similar to the role he played in Jerry Maguire. Midway probably wants to avoid a lawsuit with NBC, the NFL, and Madden himself, so it's doubtful Caliendo will be speaking as The Coach when we get blitzed this Fall... but here's hoping.

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