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Lenovo's WTF of the day: ThinkPad R400 for $200, marked down from $250!


So far, Lenovo's shotgun launch of its new ThinkPad T, SL, W, R, and X-series has been a lesson in retail clumsiness. It started yesterday with that 128GB SSD freebie and culminates (after several missteps in between) into a Canadian $200 for the 14.1-inch ThinkPad R400, uh, Eee PC killer. This is not just a simple typo mind you, the pricing issue is systemic as that baseline price increments as you adjust your options all the way to checkout. There's no guarantee that they'll honor your order of course, in fact they likely won't. But at the very least, they should be paying our readers for doing the quality control they seem incapable of handling themselves.

P.S. While we have your attention Lenovo, how about axing those contrived "Sale" prices. You're not fooling anyone.

[Thanks, Geoffrey A. and Rahul G.]

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