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More Conduit footage -- 'nuff said


We don't need to write anything here, do we? It's The Conduit. In beautiful motion. Right up there. It's the business. We can post whatever text we like here, and nobody will even read it. Tra-la-la! For those of you still with us, further footage lies past the break, featuring a short segment of the city environment we saw in the E3 videos, and a first-person shooter staple: the grenade bounce.

In other not-really-news, High Voltage's Eric Nosfinger has politely declined to elaborate on the possible inclusion of bots in the final game. "We are trying our hardest to have as many modes as possible," explained Nosfinger when contacted by a NeoGAFfer on the subject. "Our main criterion is that anything that goes in must be stellar quality." We already know that there won't be a splitscreen multiplayer mode (instead, there'll be some rollicking online play), so bring on the bots!


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