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Nikon's Coolpix S60, S710, S610 and P6000 with GPS get outed

Darren Murph

Well, well. What have we here? A few new Nikon's in the run-up to Photokina, based on looks alone. Up first is the previously rumored Coolpix P6000 (pictured front, £429; $835 $500), a high-end point-and-shoot with a patently absurd 13.5-megapixel sensor, a 4x optical zoom, 2.7-inch touchscreen monitor, built-in GPS for geotagging pics, full manual mode and the ability to capture in RAW. If that's a bit much for you, you can check out the ultrathin Coolpix S60 (pictured back, £299; $581 $350), which packs a 3.5-inch 16:9 touchscreen that controls just about everything, a 10-megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom and an HDMI output. Next up is the S710, which unfortunately gets the aforementioned 14-megapixel sensor, a 3-inch LCD and a 3.6x optical zoom. Bringing up the rear is the 10-megapixel S560 (£179; $348 $250) and the S610 / S610c (£249; $484 $280), the latter of which includes WiFi for instant uploading. Look for most, if not all, of these to show up on shelves next month.

Update: The whole gang just got official. Check out the details here.

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