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Onkyo partners up with UEI for remotes

Steven Kim

Ask three HD-die hards about their favorite remote, and you're likely to get five different answers. We're a tough bunch, and there's no single remote that Onkyo could throw in the box with its receivers that would make everyone happy (just check reader comments for evidence). But partnering up with well-known remote control manufacturer Universal Electronics, Inc. (UEI) certainly can't hurt, right? If things go according to plan, UEI's library of over 350,000 functions across the manufacturer spectrum should make system integration possible. Best of all, the new universal remotes are slated to ship with a range of Onkyo's receivers -- from entry level to high end -- so you don't have to buy into the pricey part of Onkyo's lineup. As always, we applaud anything that makes the couch-potato lifestyle a little more accessible.

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