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See Metal Slug 7 explode on DS


Is there some sort of global law that states SNK must make a new Metal Slug every year or face certain doom? We kid, but it seems that way, what with the series hitting its seventh installment and there being a larger proliferation of ports out there than Starbucks in Seattle.

Proclaiming that it is the "ultimate game," this trailer for the Nintendo DS version of Metal Slug 7 is all business. Loud, hot lead business. It's the first entry in the very action-packed series on Ninty's dual-screener, which seems from this video to be more than up to the sprite-pushing challenge it presents. There's nary a hint of slowdown, which tells us either the programmers are ace or the video is sped up. Surely it's the former. We'll know for certain when the game hits – nay, demolishes – shelves in November.

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