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Selling your iPhone


There are many iPhones and iPhone 3Gs being sold right now, and not just at Apple and AT&T Stores. If you're thinking about selling your old iPhone to get a little spendin' cash, here are some simple tips for you:

Tip #1 - Pick a reasonable price. What's reasonable? Anything close to whatever other sellers are asking. A lot of 8GB iPhones are selling on eBay in the range of $325 - $450. Will you get that much? Who knows? That's the "joy" of online auctions.

Tip #2 - Show 'em the merchandise. People want to know what they're getting, so always take closeup pictures of everything that's included in the sale. eBay has special rules for iPhone sales:

Warning! Warning!

The gist of the message? If you're selling an iPhone, put your User ID on all photos to prove you have the iPhone in your hot little hands. Sigh.

Tip #3 - Don't want to sell it on eBay? You can always try Craigslist, or you can get a guaranteed price buy selling it to a broker who will turn around and probably sell it on eBay. Some of these brokers include NextWorth (buying 8GB iPhones for $202) and Rapid Repair ($150). That's not as good a deal for you, but definitely a lot less hassle than eBay.

Have you sold your first-generation iPhone? Leave a comment telling us how you sold yours, and how much you made on the sale.

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