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T-Mobile jumps on the bandwagon, throws the book at prepaid unlockers

Chris Ziegler

Carriers like Tracfone and AT&T have set some serious precedents in the past couple years, sending warning shots over the bows of so-called prepaid phone traffickers who make pretty serious businesses out of buying prepaid phones in bulk, unlocking them (thereby nullifying the cash the carrier puts on the table to get the phone to market at a lower price), and reselling them to the highest bidders. T-Mobile USA has gotten on the action now, too, picking up a pair of permanent injunctions against Fone Xchange and ASPAC -- two of the biggest offenders in T-Mobile's eyes -- and a $6.5 million award for its troubles. Seems these guys won't take "no" for an answer, though, with T-Mobile also announcing that another gentleman violating a similar injunction awarded in Houston has been convicted of criminal contempt of court and is due to meet his steel-barred fate on October 10. So yeah, might want to settle down with those six-phone purchases from CVS there, bucko.

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