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Wii Menu hack now available to adventurous homebrewers [update]


Yesterday's jaw-droppingly comprehensive Wii Menu hack, which enables cross-region Wii, Gamecube, and downloadable games, as well as various display and UI tweaks, was unavailable to the public when the video (encore presentation above!) was released. But today creator Crediar has released the files for use on your own Wii.

We're very interested in opening up our Wii systems, but at the same time, we're ... going to hold off until we hear some feedback about this. Something as drastic as this HackInstaller seems like it could carry a high risk of Wii brickage. If it ends up being a Wii killer, we're sure we'll hear about it in the next week or so.

[Update: Oh noes! PAL only! Thanks, Asok!]

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