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WoW Moviewatch: Born again Ret

Moo Money

After watching Born again Ret, I'm still not sure that I understand some of the jokes, but apparently I'm the only one. Lakez has consistently received five stars on Warcraftmovies. His epic 47-minute storyline machinima is about a Holy Paladin that reluctantly specs Ret after a life-changing incident, but enjoys it so much that he doesn't want to tell his friends.

This movie is not just random. It's really random. There are about eight minutes of skits, five minutes of PvP, and the rest is part of the storyline. Although this is his second effort, he mentions that some of it was filmed before his first. I'm not sure if some of the blurry shots were intentional or as a result of taking it in a lower resolution many moons ago. Fans of this movie will have to wait quite a while for the sequel, though, as Lakez is supposedly out of town for a whopping two years!


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