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AUO preps eco-friendlier 32-inch LCD

Steven Kim

Even though there are some sketchy figures bandied about in the mad rush to hop on the "green" bandwagon, the trend of producing more efficient devices with less environmental impact is for real. It looks like LCD manufacturer AUO is spreading its tech bets. Only a couple of months ago, the company was touting LED backlighting for a 44-percent reduction in energy consumption (and better images, to boot). Now the company is planning to show off a 32-inch LCD that it claims will cut consumption by 50-percent and will be market-ready in Q2 2008. No radical new technology here, just good engineering that cuts the number of fluorescent tubes used for the backlighting from 16 down to 4. No doubt that LED backlights are the future, but we'll be more than happy to see fluorescent backlights put some pricing pressure on them.

[Thanks, Richard!]

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