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Captain Rainbow: like Animal Crossing, with action (and also it's insane)


While the weird trailers have given us a look at Captain Rainbow, the story of a guy who transforms into a superhero to help obscure Nintendo characters with their personal problems, 1UP has given us a bit more of an idea of what Captain Rainbow the game is, thanks to a translation of a Famitsu article.

Captain Rainbow is divided between adventure and action segments. In the adventure mode, you, as Nick/Captain Rainbow, communicate with the residents of Mimin Island, helping with their problems and playing minigames. You earn crystals called kirarin during these interactions -- 20 of which unlock an action scene. In the action mode, Captain Rainbow runs through side-scrolling levels in an effort to grab a falling star, which is used to grant the wish of one of the island's residents (say, a wish not to be so fat), while avoiding enemies called Shadows.

Is there any chance a communication/side-scrolling game about an island of Nintendo characters nobody remembers could be localized? We need to catch our own falling star.

[Image via Gemaga]

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