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EA smrt, publishes 'For Dummies' line of games


Electronic Arts announced this morning that it has launched a set of games with tips written in the style of the popular "For Dummies" book series. We've yet to try it, but our understanding is these titles are the regular games, but with enhanced help, and not just interactive For Dummies books. The first game, Poker For Dummies, is available now on EA's site for $20.

Pogo will add Solitaire For Dummies in September, Brain Training For Dummies in October, Sudoku For Dummies in November, and more in 2009. Poker For Dummies and Brain Training For Dummies will be in stores by October. There will also be a DS version, featuring the all-in-one game: Solitaire, Sudoku and crossword puzzles. Those who try it, let us know if this is a smrt* purchase.

*Freaking out over s-m-r-t? Grasp the reference after the break.

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