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Even Sega thinks Sonic needs saving


It's not just everybody in the world but Sega who thinks Sonic games have lost their way. The company itself thinks it, and not just in its quieter, more private moments -- Sega of America Marketing veep Sean Ratcliffe has admitted to GameDaily that "some of the criticism" for years of janky 3D Sonic titles is "probably warranted." Some? Probably?

Fortunately for us, the Nintendo platforms have so far escaped with okay Sonic games -- Sonic and the Secret Rings was decent, while the Sonic Rush titles on the DS were enjoyable romps. Elsewhere, things are bleaker, but Ratcliffe hopes the likes of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic and the Black Knight can kickstart the rescue mission. "I would say we recognize [the dip in quality], which is why you're seeing us this year taking the first steps in making sure the quality is right, and we're constantly looking at innovation."

Sega, it really could not be simpler: Hand-drawn 2D. 30 stages. Just Sonic and maybe Tails. WiiWare. 500 Points. Bam.


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