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Favre is still on the Packers (on Madden 09 cover that is) - [Update]

You may have heard the news that Brett Favre has nabbed himself a one-way ticket out of retirement town. With Favre leaving his lengthy retirement behind to join the New York Jets, many wondered if his Madden NFL 09 cover would come in a new Jet-flavor. EA Sports has debunked notions to IGN that there are any plans to release a second printing of the cover with Favre as a Jet. Prior to the announcement of the trade, EA Sports head-honcho, Peter Moore, told CrispyGamer that the developer had a plan in place for a possible Favre move. Day one downloadable content, anyone?

Update: EA has confirmed they will release a day-one update that places Favre on the Jets (and reflecting any other relevant roster changes), reports MTV Multiplayer. EA has also announced they will offer a downloadable cover in the coming days on featuring Favre in a Jets uniform. Fans can print out the Jets cover and insert it into their copy of Madden NFL 09.

[via Joystiq]

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