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Godfather 2 detailed -- less GTA; more RPG, RTS, board game

Xbox World 360 magazine brings forth details of EA's forthcoming Godfather 2 game – helpfully extracted by sister-publication CVG – describing the sequel as "Scarface meets Total War." To further contextualize that pairing, the game is dropping some of that GTA-clone vibe in favor of the far less popular "sandbox game with RPG, RTS and erm, board game elements"-vibe.

If the game isn't content straddling just one game type, why should locales be any different? Following the plot of its cinematic namesake, Godfather 2 jet-sets from Miami to Havana to New York City. Want more numbers? The game packs six character classes – "bruiser, demolitions expert, arsonist, medic, safe cracker and engineer" – and each character can have one of twelve different "personalities." Here's some simple back-of-the-box math for y'all: six character classes times twelve personalities equals an amazing 72 playable characters (except not really).

Other features include "Don's View" (that's where the RTS magic comes in) and a perks system (thanks, board games!). No word on multiplayer, but EA's just getting this hype machine started before the game's ought-nine release. Give 'em time.

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