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Gosen: 60% of Wii Fit purchasers played it 'once'


David Gosen used to work for Nintendo of Europe, but after departing with the house that Mario built, he's made his way over to the Xbox division of Microsoft. That doesn't mean he has nothing to say about Nintendo and the Wii, however. In fact, he had some downright shocking things to say in regards to his old employer. "What Nintendo have done with the Wii is truly fantastic – there is no question about it. But I think sometimes there is a thin line between gimmick and great gameplay," he said.

And, on top of that, he said his own company has research that shows Wii Fit doesn't present any kind of lasting value to those that have picked it up, because after they try it once, they don't try it again. "We've seen some research that says 60 percent of people who bought a Wii Fit play it once and don't play it again," he said. Now, if he had some papers with, like, spread sheets full of numbers and data on them, we'd take it at face value. But, considering the price (that would drive us to play the thing a bunch of times alone, but maybe we're just cheap bastards like that) and all of the content within, we're not sure we can trust him and swallow the red pill.

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