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Interview: Stargate Worlds aims high with artificial intelligence

Samuel Axon

MMORPG has posted its second video interview with the folks working on Stargate Worlds. Last time, it connected with Howard Lyon to talk about customization the game's user interface. This time, studio head Dan Elggren tells the site a little bit about the artificial intelligence that guides the actions of Stargate Worlds' hostile entities.

Elggren explains that there are different types of AI behaviors -- personalities, if you will. An aggressive enemy might throw caution to the wind and charge the player with a knife, while a defensive one will play it safe behind cover. Elggren hopes this will make combat more dynamic in Stargate Worlds than it is in other MMOs. He also said that enemies might run away or retreat for the sake of self-preservation. Of course, enemies do that in plenty of MMOs already, but hopefully it's a bit more complicated than the "run at 15% health" trigger that we're used to seeing.

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